January 24th, 2018

Engagement Session on the Farm | Alex + Brett Engaged

Alex and Brett’s countryside of Snow Hill, NC engagement session was full of fun surprises, including one of my favorite animals a DONKEY! 

We started off at the Benjamin W. Best Inn and Carriage House where we spent a brief amount of time on a beautiful, white, farm house porch, until we discovered the cows. Alex grew up on a farm in Snow Hill and loves animals and Brett works on a farm and also has a side business raising and selling rabbits. We’ll get into this more later. So as we were shooting the beautiful black cows and chatting and laughing at Brett’s refusal to smile the cows meandered over to the fence and lined up to watch. It was quite the spectacle and just so cute! 

Once the cows had enough of us, we headed across town to a farm that had some more cows and we spotted a donkey. I nicely informed Alex that she may end up with more photos of the donkey than her and she was totally okay with it. We got some amazing shots by the ponds along the dirt road and on our way out spotted a calf who had escaped the fence. We soon learned that he gets out all the time because he likes the greener grass outside of the cow pasture. I guess the grass IS always greener on the other side. 

As we were making our way back to Alex and Brett’s house, the topic of rabbits came up and I learned that Brett is known across several Eastern NC counties as “The Rabbit Guy” and this is also how he and Alex met. Brett was asked to sell his rabbits at the Lenoir County Fair and that ladies and gentlemen is where it all began. Alex fell in love with a baby bunny, Brett promised she could have it when it got big enough and the rest is history! 

We’re so excited to be celebrating with Alex, Brett and their friends and families in Snow Hill in April!

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