January 12th, 2016

2015 Most Memorable MP Wedding Moments

2015 was FULL of memories. From funny to beautiful and emotional, we wanted to highlight some of our most memorable wedding moments! But first, we want to recognize a non-wedding related milestone! In 2015, Brittany went from being an intern to an employee and finally an associate photographer who is shooting her own weddings for MP! We are so grateful to have her as a part of our team!!!

Now, on to the real reason you’re here!

The Weather
Of course one of the most memorable moments needs to be related to weather! Emily and Ben’s late spring wedding was a hot one! But, nothing that we’re not used to. It was the storm that passed during their ceremony that was crazy. Only the photos can do it justice. And, to top it all off, it was so so windy that right after the last bridesmaid and groomsmen walked down the aisle after the ceremony, all of the draping on the gazebo blew off in an epic fashion.


The Surprise Dress
Stephanie secretly had her mom’s wedding dress completely re-made so she could use it as a exit dress. Before Stephanie put her gown on, she discreetly slipped away and put her moms dress on to show her as a surprise. The look on her moms face says it all <3.

magnolia-photography-brooklyn-arts-center-photos-016 magnolia-photography-brooklyn-arts-center-photos-015magnolia-photography-brooklyn-arts-center-photos-065

The First Look
Ashley and Brandon win the award for the most memorable first look! Not only did they have a gorgeous location (Magnolia Plantation in Charleston), but rather than having Ashley walk up behind Brandon and have him turn around, they stood with their backs to each other and turned both around at the same time. So sweet.

magnolia-photography-magnolia-plantation-and-gardens-wedding-photographer-008magnolia-photography-magnolia-plantation-and-gardens-wedding-photographer-010 magnolia-photography-magnolia-plantation-and-gardens-wedding-photographer-009


The Dog

This moment didn’t happen at a wedding, but at an engagement session. Lauren and Seth have the sweetest Golden Retriever, Cash. As a dog lover/enthusiast/obsessor/owner, I am prefacing this story with the fact that Cash is sooo sweet and one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever met. We were actually done shooting the session and were just walking around the grounds of Rose Hill Plantation discussing Lauren and Seth’s wedding day plans when Cash decided he needed to use the bathroom. On my foot. Luckily, it was just number 1 and no amount of dog pee, poop or vomit really phases me any more. He sent me a text later that evening apologizing again and of course I forgave that sweet little pup! – Michele

most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-002 most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-001

Cash also attended the wedding as the “best dog”!


The Backstreet Boys
During Pierce’s dance with his mom, to an old school Backstreet Boys song (well…I guess since it’s 2016, all Backstreet Boys songs are old school), I knew the groomsmen were looking a little mischievous, I just couldn’t figure out what, or when something was going to happen. At the last verse of the song, they all slowly walked towards Pierce and his mom, surrounding them and singing to her. It was so cute, hilarious and sweet all at the same time.

Throughout the night, Brittany and I learned that these guys, most of whom have been friends for a really long time, all actually thought they were the Backstreet Boys. (Maybe not, but it seemed like it) On more than one occasion they were found serenading the bride, Jordan, or just karaoke-ing to any one who would listen.

most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-011 most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography--001

The Support
There are always very emotional moments at each wedding we photograph. This year in particular there were quite a few that stuck out to us. The most memorable for me, was during Caroline and Jordan’s wedding reception, a dance was dedicated to Caroline’s mom, who passed away a few years ago. The love and support Jordan and all of Caroline’s friends and family showed was just so amazing. It’s definitely one hardest ones to put into words. – Michele

most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-007 most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-008


THE Maria
The first question we asked Forrest and Krystal when they got engaged was if Maria was going to be at the wedding. As if that was even a question. Of course Maria would be there. Along with some of her shiny, 4-wheeled, classic friends! The lineup of classic cars at Krystal and Forrest’s wedding was definitely out of the ordinary and super special!


The Tradition
We love learning about traditions and cultures and and this year our favorite tradition was the Italian wedding dance – Tarantella at Danielle and John’s wedding! 

most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-005 most_memorable_wedding_moments_magnolia_photography-004

The Exit
Lauren and Austin’s wedding ended with quite the bang! They waved goodbye to their guests from inside a British Taxi and as they drove off they rode through an amazing fireworks display! It’s one of our most memorable moments, because it was beautiful, however also because if any one was watching Jana and I instead of the fireworks, it was probably even more entertaining. Jana was a bridesmaid in Lauren’s wedding (you’ll hear more about that in the next blog post), and we were unsure of the logistics of how the exit was going to go until it was actually happening, so as it was unfolding, Jana is sprinting after the car with our light, in her bridesmaid dress, as I was sprinting and stopping to shoot and then sprinting again behind her.


The Dad’s First Look
We often do first looks with our brides and their dads. And just about as often as we do them, they are emotional. Anna and her dad’s was definitely one of those where everyone in the room is crying. As a side note to this first look, Anna’s dad also made the cross that she and Elliott used at their ceremony and it was simply STUNNING.


The Grandma
Jana and I both have a soft spot for the grandparents. As soon as we started to think about this blog post, there was no question about this one. All I remember is hearing someone saying “we can’t get her to leave” and I look over and Katy’s grandma is on the dance floor, breaking it down like she’s a teenager. Amazing.

Kinston country club wedding photos-065 Kinston country club wedding photos-064 Kinston country club wedding photos-061 Kinston country club wedding photos-060

Be looking out for Part 2 of our most memorable moments on the blog later this week!  We can’t wait to share it with you all!

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Wow! Absolutely stunning photos! I am a new fan in Oklahoma!!! 🙂

Great photos! They are beautiful!

Oh my goodness.., that story about Cash the golden retriever… I’m laughing so hard there are tears! Thank you for sharing! What a glorious year.

love the way you laid this out! 2015 seemed to ROCK I can’t see what you come up with in 2016! Great blog post

That “Grandma” is a very special lady!!!

I love how you laid out your memorable moments…I feel like I know more about the stories that if it were just a bunch of pretty images. I especially love the emotions you captured in the dance dedicated to the bride’s mom. So sweet.

I always wish I could be a fly on the wall, tree, rock, chair or a bag carrier. I love to watch you work and I love the work you show us!! Gorgeous! You ladies are awesome!! Looking forward to this year!!

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