January 14th, 2016

2015 Most Memorable MP Wedding Moments | Part 2

As we started pulling together our most memorable wedding memories from 2015, we realized we needed more than one blog post! So below you find Part 2! If you haven’t seen Part 1 – you can read it here!

The Flood
Well, we will start part two off again with weather! There’s no doubt that the Charleston flood was a hot topic in 2015, but maybe even a hotter topic was Emily, Adam and I being stuck in it. Emily had planned the PERFECT Charleston engagement session a few months prior which included walks through the historic district, drinking wine under the mossy trees and even rowing together in the little boats from the Notebook. Well, little did any of us know we were going to be caught in a real life Notebook situation.  I can never say enough about how great Emily and Adam were through their entire session. Not even a state of emergency situation could keep these two (or I) from living out their dream engagement session! – Jana


The Gift
It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to exchange a card or maybe even a little gift before they say their I do’s. However, JD’s gift to Katy might have just been the most unexpected of the year. As Katy began to opened her card on their wedding day we could instantly tell there was something sliding around inside. I don’t think either of us were prepared for the 5 scratch off tickets that fell out of the side. It was hilarious. I never thought I would be helping my bride keep lottery ticket shavings off her dress as she scratched them just minutes before walking down the aisle.

Kinston country club wedding photos-016

The Mountain Excursion
If you haven’t seen Anna + Elliot’s Jefferson, NC wedding, you should stop and see it now! It was absolutely beautiful! When people ask why I didn’t take a honeymoon, it’s because I wouldn’t have missed Anna’s wedding for the world (she was married the weekend after me)! Michele and I had something every photographer dreams of, a hour after the wedding at sunset in the mountains with our clients! That never happens! Yes, we were able to create some seriously gorgeous images, but it’s our most memorable because we also learned that we are not professional mountain climbers like these two. Talk about living on the edge. Haha!

Befus-609Magnolia Photography- Twickenham house-001fbMagnolia Photography-twickenham house wedding photographer-001fb

The Percolator
It’s time for da percolator, It’s time for da percolator, It’s time for da percolator, It’s time for da percolator, It’s time for da percolator.  Yes, that’s right the Percolator made our list of most memorable moments this year! When we first met Sara, she let us in on Tom’s “special dance” that would be happening at the reception. When the clock struck 9pm it was time, time for da percolator. Brook Valley Country Club quickly turned into a club scene and all of Sara and Tom’s guest quickly made it to the dance floor. I really feel pictures just do not do this experience justice!


The Desert
We packed our bags and headed back to Vegas again this past year for WPPI! On top of classes and workshops, we were able to travel out to the desert for a day and participate in a styled shoot put on by our friends at Cactus & Lace weddings! This experience is one we will never forget! Being surrounded by beautiful scenery, perfectly set details and a beautiful models was only half the fun. Traveling 2.5 hours away from Vegas on a bus with the best group of girls was worth the entire trip! Be sure to follow the blog to see more from this shoot as we get closer to WPPI 2016!

magnolia Photography-Valley of fire vegas-093fbblog10914959_10153168177346489_4763359207951070893_o

The Grandpa
This is the tear jerker of the year so before you read any further, this was your warning. Lauren texted me the Tuesday before her wedding in complete panic. Her grandfather had become ill and was unexpectedly hospitalized. Lauren and her grandfather share a really special bond, as he helped raise her as a child. She was so excited for him to see all they had planned come together for the wedding.  As Friday rolled around and grandpa was still not released from the hospital there was only one thought on everyone’s mind. Facetime. Thank GOD for technology. Lauren’s grandfather was able to be a part of the ceremony even if it was from the screen from her sister’s iPhone. I could hardly pay attention to Lauren coming down the aisle from watching the tears from her grandfather on that tiny screen. It is something I will forever remember. – Jana


The Bridesmaid
This year, I got to be in front of the camera for one of our weddings! My beautiful best friend from childhood was married on September 19th and I got to be a bridesmaid! I have to say it was a little weird being pampered with hair and makeup all day while Michele and Brittany ran around like crazy shooting details, ceremony and the reception. While it was nice to relax and enjoy a wedding for a day, I realized I am equally as excited to be on the other side of the camera most of the time haha! – Jana

magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-nc-wedding-photos-024stone bridal party-016

The Reaction
Kyle’s action to seeing Paige come down the aisle with her dad and grandfather was the reaction every girl dreams of. You could see his excitement and feel his emotion. It was simply breath taking, like something out of a fairytale. I’ll let the pictures do the talking here.


The Late Night Snack
Quite possibly the cutest personal detail of the year goes to Cecily and Tim! We love, love, love these hot “dog” snacks in honor of their dogs Goose and Sadie! I mean what better way to incorporate the pups into your wedding? Treat your guest to something not only yummy, but memorable.


The Exit
What kind of bride surprises her brand new husband with a helicopter exit? This one! Brittney asked me a few days before the wedding if we could stay a bit longer to photograph their real exit “because I got Casey a helicopter ride as a surprise”. Uh….yes, Britt. We can.


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