June 19th, 2015

5 things you now know about Michele that you probably didn’t before.

m-smallFirst things first. Jana and I are horrible about taking photos of each other. It is on our list of things to get better at. We recently did a quick shoot, in the rain of course, and got one (and I mean only one) decent photo of me. Here it is in all it’s frizzy haired glory.

Now, on to the fun stuff…

1. I despise doing the dishes. Even just loading/unloading the dishwasher is painful. I would rather clean the toilet.

2. I am a collector of stray cats/dogs. It’s not that I go out searching for them. They just find me and don’t leave (nor do I make them leave).

3. I fall asleep watching Friends every night. If I don’t have the TV on or if it’s anything but Friends, I can’t fall asleep. I quickly did the math, and I have watched the entire series about 13 times. Which then made me wonder if that’s too embarrassing and maybe I should take this off the list.

4. I am a Pescetarian. Usually this sentence is followed by blank stares, so it’s easier to say I’m a vegetarian that eats seafood.

5. While I’m doing yard work I have a “toad collection bucket” (see photo below). Any toads I come across go in the bucket and are then deposited safely in the woods. This cuts down on toad vs. weed eater accidents and consequently keeps me from having to find a therapist.


An average day of toads. There’s a lot of toads where I live.


Callaway is making sure no one escapes the bucket.










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