February 6th, 2015

Eastern NC Wedding Photographer | Krystal + Forrest Engaged

Let me start out by saying how much of a honor is it to be asked to photograph such a special time for two of our friends! I have known Forrest for almost 5 years now and have always considered him “another brother”.  He and my fiancé’ were in nursing together and were only among only a few other men in their graduating class therefore, you can only imagine how much time all three of us spent together. I could tell stories for days on Forrest, but I will save those for their wedding blog (haha!). One day as we were driving by Forrest’s house (did I mention we also all lived in the same neighborhood) when we noticed there was a new car in his parking spot. Well, that car belonged to Krystal (or Miss Krystal as Forrest would say) and little did we know how perfect she was for him. After many of random double dates with these two (Farmville anyone?) I quickly learned that Krystal was exactly what Forrest needed. When he talked about Maria (his car-see below) she didn’t roll her eyes, she could tolerate the horrible nicknames he and Bailey (my fiancé’) had for themselves and she didn’t make him take all of his bar signs down she just made sure he had a room all the way in the back to put them in when they moved. Yep, like I said perfect fit! I can’t believe these two are going to be married in a few short months, but I am over the moon excited for it to be here and see it all come together! Congrats Krystal & Forrest! We love you guys so much!

Be sure to see their engagement slideshow here: http://vimeo.com/1189395002015-02-06_0001 2015-02-06_0002 2015-02-06_0003 2015-02-06_0004 2015-02-06_0005 2015-02-06_0006 2015-02-06_0007 2015-02-06_0008 2015-02-06_0009 2015-02-06_0010 2015-02-06_0011 2015-02-06_0012 2015-02-06_0013 2015-02-06_0014 2015-02-06_0015 2015-02-06_0016 2015-02-06_0017 2015-02-06_0018 2015-02-06_0019 2015-02-06_0020

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