June 8th, 2015

Edenton NC Wedding Photographer | Meredith + Hunter Married

Let me start by saying how much love this day was filled with. Meredith and Hunter have some of THE best family and friends around, but who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with these two amazing people? I first met Meredith in college (she was mutual friends with my neighbors) and while it doesn’t seem like that long ago it has been almost 5 years!  wow. just wow. Although I  haven’t known Hunter as long as I have Meredith it surely didn’t take me long to realize that he is seriously  her perfect match. After being married in the church, their reception followed at Meredith’s parents home and family farm. How special is it that we were able to have photos of the two of them on the porch that has been in their family for many generations? !  We had such a blast photographing this day! Especially the reception which was full of fun photos that were too good to be published online! haha Congrats Meredith and Hunter! <3meredith-hunter-married-001 meredith-hunter-married-002 meredith-hunter-married-003 meredith-hunter-married-004 meredith-hunter-married-005 meredith-hunter-married-006 meredith-hunter-married-007 meredith-hunter-married-008 meredith-hunter-married-009 meredith-hunter-married-010meredith-hunter-married-011 meredith-hunter-married-012 meredith-hunter-married-013 meredith-hunter-married-014 meredith-hunter-married-015 meredith-hunter-married-016 meredith-hunter-married-017 meredith-hunter-married-018 meredith-hunter-married-019 meredith-hunter-married-020 meredith-hunter-married-021 meredith-hunter-married-022 meredith-hunter-married-023 meredith-hunter-married-024 meredith-hunter-married-025 meredith-hunter-married-026 meredith-hunter-married-027 meredith-hunter-married-028 meredith-hunter-married-029 meredith-hunter-married-030 meredith-hunter-married-031 meredith-hunter-married-032 meredith-hunter-married-033 meredith-hunter-married-034 meredith-hunter-married-035 meredith-hunter-married-036 meredith-hunter-married-037 meredith-hunter-married-038 meredith-hunter-married-039 meredith-hunter-married-040 meredith-hunter-married-041 meredith-hunter-married-042 meredith-hunter-married-043

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