May 6th, 2015

Isaac Taylor Garden Wedding, New Bern, NC | Jeannie + Nelson Married

I have been looking forward to Jeannie and Nelson’s wedding since the first time I met Jeannie. She graduated from ECU’s graphic design program a year before I did (we never met!), so we had a connection immediately! When Jeannie told me about where she wanted to do their engagement photos, her exact words were “please don’t think I’m crazy”. That’s when you know it’s going to be great. Their engagement session was at an old boat yard/marina in New Bern, NC and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

As expected, even with rain, their Isaac Taylor Garden wedding was beautiful. Jeannie did an amazing job with the design and Val with Your Perfect Day helped pull it all together with beautiful flowers and set up! There was lots of laughter and dancing through all parts of the day.

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Jeannie and Nelson chose to pour and drink a snake bite (Guinness and Cider) together rather than the more tradition (and less tasty!) sand ceremony!

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Nelson’s parents were the last couple standing at the anniversary dance. Nelson’s dads advice was “patience”, and Nelson’s mom was 100% serious with her advice – “eat rice”, which in all honesty is probably the most truthful, best advice I’ve heard at a wedding.

jeanne-nelson-married-073 jeanne-nelson-married-074 jeanne-nelson-married-075

Venue: Isaac Taylor Garden | Caterer: The Chelsea | Cake: Ali Smith Designs | Florist: Your Perfect Day | DJ: BTA Entertainment | Hair:  Stacy Matson | Makeup:  Allyson Wonderland Makeup | Coordinator: Your Perfect Day

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