August 18th, 2015

Exploring new waters

Let me just start with this. I cannot believe this shoot finally happened. It was by far one of the most challenging sessions we have ever photographed, but so rewarding at the same time.

2 years ago, Isabel decided she needed something to do with her old prom dresses. She knew she didn’t want to do the typical “trashing of the dress”  but wanted different, yet creative images of her in her most beloved dresses from high school. After many discussions and ideas being thrown around finally the idea of shooting underwater emerged. If you know Michele and I, we are always up for a challenge and shooting in new environments so this was right up our alley. All three of us were so excited for this day to finally roll around-after many attempts to find a secluded pool to try out our underwater photography skills. As we quickly learned, it is not easy to give direction through a snorkel while keeping yourself underwater much less model (right Isabel?). Regardless of how difficult this shoot was technically and logistically it was an absolute blast. It was really nice to do something out of our norm to become re-inspired and let our creativeness flow. Not to mention this tested our communication skills in a totally different way! Many, many thanks to Isabel for being up for anything and allowing us to be apart of this exciting experience!

Be sure to see the video snippet of this session here

Enjoy!isabel-001 isabel-002 isabel-003bw isabel-004 isabel-005 isabel-006 isabel-008 isabel-009 isabel-010 isabel-011 isabel-012 isabel-013 isabel-014 isabel-015 isabel-016bw isabel-018

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All 3 of you , amazing! I love to see you photo ladies opening up a completely new path to learn! Beautiful!

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