September 16th, 2015

Lake Waccamaw NC Wedding Photographer | Lauren + Austin Engaged

Fall is here and although I cannot believe it, it’s kinda nice to have a break from the heat for a bit. With the first week of cooler weather among us and their wedding this weekend, there could no be a better time to share Lauren & Austin’s engagement session.

I do not really know where is begin, but just know this post is a little on the personal side as Lauren is my best friend from childhood (and beyond).  We have laughed together, cried together fought over middle school boyfriends and even had matching underwear at one point.  From leaving to go off to college to moving on to new adventures there is just a special bond you always will have with that one person who has shared so much throughout your life.  We have made it through the many highs and the lows of life together and It is just UNREAL that I get to watch her walk down the aisle in just a few short days (she is going to be gorgeous just so you know!). I mean really where has the time gone? Every girl dreams of finding their perfect person to enjoy life with and  I believe with every ounce of me Austin is Lauren’s. I could not have asked for a better man to come into her life to  love, take care of and be there for her and I am so excited to watch their marriage flourish over the years to come! I am so ready to celebrate the marriage of these two Saturday I may not be able to sleep! 🙂

So, now get out your comfy sweater and a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a few images from Lauren & Austin’s fall engagement session! magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-001 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-002 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-003 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-004 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-005 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-006 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-007 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-008 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-009 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-010 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-011 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-012 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-013 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-014 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-015 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-016 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-017 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-018 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-019 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-020 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-021 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-022 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-023 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-024 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-025 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-026 magnolia-photography-lake-waccamaw-engagement-photos-027

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