November 19th, 2015

New Bern NC Wedding Photographer | Catherine + Drew Engaged

I’m always excited when one of our couples wants to do their session (or even better, their wedding!) in New Bern! Catherine and Drew are one of those couples who happen to be doing both! We had an unseasonably warm “fall” day on the day of the session but I’m not complaining about any warm weather we get! We explored the historic downtown area of New Bern and then traveled to Drew’s parents house on the river where the wedding is going to be! We grabbed some photos on the water and talked lots about wedding plans – so excited for the wedding!!

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Magnolia Photography now has locations in both North Carolina & South Carolina. Our work specializes in wedding, engagement, and portrait photography from New Bern to Charleston and beyond.

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Beautiful photos of my 2nd cousin on my father’s side. So sweet & romantic. The scenes are so natural. They make a beautiful couple & I am very happy for them!

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