September 3rd, 2015

Pawley’s Island SC Photographer | Nick + Kelly Maternity


As you probably know, it’s not often that we are able to take non wedding related sessions during the year. However, we had to make an exception for this as one of our dear friends Nick from NA Media is becoming a dad! We cannot believe it! Seriously, we really didn’t believe it at first as he chose April Fools day to tell us. After rescheduling this session 3 times due to rain and crazy weather activity I am excited for how perfect of a afternoon we had. The sun decided to come out right at sunset sending us a warm beautiful sky!  Congrats Nick and Kelly!! We could not be happier for you and can’t wait to meet baby Kalin!magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-001 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-002 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-003 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-004 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-005 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-006 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-007 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-008 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-009 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-010 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-011 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-012 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-013 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-014 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-015 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-016 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-017

The sunset and clouds were amazing!magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-018 magnolia-photography-pawleys-island-maternity-019

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