May 13th, 2016

Rose Hill Plantation NC Wedding | Emily and Adam

Emily and Adam are quite literally two of the sweetest, kindest people we know. They are so very much in love with each other and don’t let anything stand in their way. When their Charleston engagement session took place during the beginning stages of the flood in 2015, they were troopers and rolled with it and got some epic photos!

Emily and Adam’s wedding took place at Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, NC. It’s one of our favorite venues in Eastern North Carolina, so of course we were excited to shoot there. All of the work that was put into Emily and Adam’s ceremony and reception, from the greenery on the gazebo, to the hand lettered table numbers and beautiful center pieces was all so gorgeous, we are still so excited to be able to be part of their day!

As much as we love all the first dance, the ceremony, the sparkler exit and everything in between, I think my favorite part of the wedding was at sunset when we had Emily and Adam out taking photos and Adam transformed into the cow whisperer and had the entire herd of cows walking towards us.

Emily and Adam – we are so honored to be able to capture your day for you and we love you both!!

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Venue: Rose Hill Plantation | Catering: Rose Hill Plantation | Florist: Your Perfect Day | DJ: All Events DJ |  Videographer: Morgan Scott Films | Hair: BoHa Studio| Makeup: Dollface by Melissa | Cake: Your Perfect Cake | Wedding Gown Designer: Stella York | Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff

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Emily and Adam, so thankful you are in my family. I love you both so much. Emily, I feel like your mom is my daughter since the last promise Dennis and I made to your grandmother was to take care of her girls!! You are so suited to each other and remind me of the love between your mother and dad, Emily. I know you were meant to be together. I want you to know my home is always open to you anytime you want to visit. You will be living busy lives, I know, but I just want you to know in your hearts, that I am here for you and love you very much. Nurtia

Emily and Adam – Such a beautiful wedding for such a beautiful couple (inside and out). Jack and I are sorry we had to miss this event as we had truly been looking forward to it. Emily, it is as if you must be my daughter because I truly love your colors you selected. Everything was just perfect. We are so thrilled for both of you as you begin your life together. You have had great examples from your parents, and I am sure one day your children will be able to say the same about your example. We love you both, and hope you will stop by and say hello when you come to Greenville to visit.

We sincerely pray God’s blessings on your new life together.

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