February 14th, 2016

Valentine’s Day love from our very own MP brides!

For Valentine’s Day we asked our MP Brides to share their favorite image from their wedding or engagement session along with why it is so special to them. Enjoy some love straight from our brides (and grooms!) to you!

12710733_10100583692347816_156582487943242160_oIt was nearly impossible to choose, but this moment was when the fact that it was our wedding day really hit me. It was the sweetest moment, and dancing with Will to one of my favorite songs being sung live as a surprise, is by far one of my favorite memories. Most people know Will for his sense of humor, but this sweet, sentimental side that usually only I get to see is what made me fall in love with him. Jess and Will married in 2014.


magnolia-photography-nc-engagement-photos-004This is one of my favorite pictures because Bud is smiling ? and because it shows the excitement that I have to marry my best friend! Charley and Bud getting married in 2016!



I’m from Greenville and Cole and I met at ECU. We both share a love for ECU and especially Pirate football. I love this picture because we had a great time taking photos in Dowdy Ficklen and around campus. We can’t wait for August 13!! Sarah and Cole getting married in 2016!



I love this picture so much. Everything about it. It’s such a simple moment but SO unforgettable. It was just a quick second of togetherness but it was the first time we had been alone with each other in days and it was right after we said our “I Dos” – makes me smile. Cecily and Tim married in 2015.



This is one of my absolute favorite pictures from our wedding, because it shows who we are as a couple. He keeps me grounded, and I keep him laughing! Also, this moment of walking down the aisle as husband and wife was the happiest moment of my life!  Kaitlyn and Spencer married in 2015.


12719400_10208580533336252_4256677744132729919_oSo many to choose from, but this one seems to be the most timeless for me. I think it stands out most because it’s just such an emotional moment. I always tell B that even after almost 10 years of being together, how I feel for him is still so indescribable. Every time I look at this photo it reminds me of that love and especially on the tough days, that he loves me just as much! Thanks girls for capturing this moment and for asking us to share.

Warms my heart to see all this happiness. 🙂 Courtney and Brian married in 2013.



The photo says it all… My feelings for him and his for me. Best day of our lives! Erin & Wally Married in 2014.



I just love this picture from our engagement session! Smiling and laughing comes so easy when I’m around Jeremy. I love that you can tell how truly happy we are together. And also just look at him ?? Brittany and Jeremy getting married in 2016!



This picture is definitely in my top 10 of favorites. Because through all the craziness of that day the moments we had alone, whispering sweet nothings, it felt like time stood still just for us. ❤ Tia and Devin married in 2015.



This is my favorite wedding photo. I think it’s funny. And our personalities show through. Cathy and Andy married in 2013.



To choose 1 favorite photo from our engagement and wedding photos is almost impossible. However, this photo of my husband, Seth, and I resembles much more than just a picture to us. It was taken in the middle of a prayer during our vows and it practically takes my breath away. There are so many emotions seen and felt here and we will FOREVER cherish this moment and photo thanks to Magnolia Photography!!!! Lauren and Seth married in 2015.

valentine's day, wilmington nc

That smile, and those dimples are all mine forever! I believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day 365 days a year! Jenny and Pat married in 2014.


magnolia-photography-greenville-nc-wedding-photographer-rock-springs-center-photos-035I love all our wedding photos, but this is one that I always come back to!<3 Katie and Matt married in 2015.


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.57.30 AM
We love this photo of our wedding! It shows the excitement we all 3 have to start our lives together as a family! LeAnne and Kyle married in 2013.



I love this because it shows our love for one another and excitement to spend the rest of our lives together! Meredith and Hunter married in 2014.

valentine's day, wedding
I had a hard time picking, but this one usually tops the list! I love how it shows how much fun we had at our reception! Brittany and Holden married in 2014.


This is my all time favorite picture of John and I, because it captures our relationship perfectly and how much fun we had that day! Ashton and Jon married in 2013.


Magnolia Photography NC | SCMy husband and I love this picture just as we are about to cut our wedding cake! Natalie and Jeff married in 2014.


valentine's day, the boathouse, beaufort nc
Patrick and I both are in love with this photo because we love Atlantic Beach where we were married, as well as the stunning sunsets that never seize to amaze! This is just ONE of my all time favorites! Jennifer and Patrick married in 2014.


This picture is one of my favorites from our wedding … It has the picture from when we first started dating in high school! So many memories in one photo! Bridgette and Thomas married in 2013


A night filled with excitement & love. It was so special to marry my high school sweetheart! Alex and Zach married in 2014.


This pretty much sums it up right here! Best picture of all time lol!! Taylor and Ben getting married in 2016!


 Always wanted to have my wedding here….my dreams come true in one picture! Heather and Trey married in 2014.


valentine's day, highgrove fuquay varina
I love this photo! I love how content and happy we look. Also remember the awesome snacks we had on this swing before dinner! haha 🙂 Ariana and Jeff married in 2013.


valentine's day, new bern wedding
I always go back to our first look photos! This one will always be my favorite, so much giddiness and excitement. Jeannie and Nelson married in 2015.


valentine's day, the watson house, emerald isle
Love this photo from our day. I remember this exact moment, and every time I look at this picture I smile. Jonanna and Cameron married in 2015.


valentine's day, the ocean club, atlantic beach wedding
This one always puts a smile on my face. It was taken at the end of the aisle after we had taken our vows and immediately after Pete told me he had never been happier than in that moment. Stephanie and Pete married in 2013.


It’s so hard to choose one! We love how you captured the joy of the day with this photo. ? Cynthia and Patrick married in 2013.


valentine's day, nc wedding, rose hill plantation
This picture is one of my favorites because it depicts the strong, passionate love we have for each other! Paige and Kyle married in 2015.



This is one of our favorite pictures! This was taken right outside our wedding / reception venue, right before we got ready to go back inside. I remember standing here enjoying a few quiet married minutes together, before we jumped back into the party. I walk by here all the time, and I think of those quiet minutes with my husband and get all happy giddy newly married again! <3 Annalee and Marshall married in 2014.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.48.41 AM
This will always be my favorite picture. So much happiness, joy and love.  Kara and Justin married in 2013.


 This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day! Right after the ceremony Jana and Michele captured this picture! I love it because it was such a sweet moment between the two of us and Luke is smiling with his “real” smile! Dena and Luke married in 2015.


We had so much fun being in our favorite place.. Even covered in sand! Paige and Brian getting married in 2016!


This is one of my favorites from the wedding, it was one of the last few moments we had to ourselves before the fun started at the reception! Kristin and Carlton married in 2015.


This is probably my favorite. The look on JD’s face as we’re dodging lightening bolts and fire is priceless. Love everything about this! Katy and JD married in 2015.


I love any excuse to go back and look at our wedding photos! I adore this one because it is the exact moment I married my best friend and the fact it was captured from inside that precious little chapel…priceless! Karen and Clay married in 2014.


This will always be one of my favorite pictures of our wedding! It captures how happy we were to finally be husband and wife. Perri and Brandon married in 2012.


I look at this picture and just feel so much love and happiness! Caitlin & Matt married in 2013.


 Last, but not least. A few non traditional wedding photo, but one that always makes us laugh! We love that our bride Sarah always goes back to this image, because well her reception was SO. MUCH. FUN.
This is the picture that best sums up our wedding because let’s face it, our reception, for the most part, was a Baltimore club dance party. How can you not smile looking at them dance? ❤ Sarah and Tom married in 2015.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

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