January 27th, 2016

Washington NC Wedding Photographer | Brittany + Jeremy Engaged

Jeremy asked Brittany to marry him on the waterfront in Washington, NC under a gazebo in Festival Park. It was fitting that we did their engagement session in Washington as well! According to Brittany, she was not expecting a proposal at all and really just wanted to get to their dinner that evening. Jeremy knew he was going to propose, but unsure of when or where. He decided on the gazebo and popped the question as Brittany’s mom was stealthfully (yes, I made up a word), running from bush to bush hiding and taking photos.

The day of their session was quite a bit cooler than the day they got engaged, but they were such troopers and you really would never know. However, if they had turned the camera on me, it would have looked like we were shooting in a blizzard in Antarctica (yes, I am from New York, no I do not like the cold).

Seriously though, these two are so sweet together. All the smiles and laughs in these images are genuine. I’m so excited for their June wedding in Greenville!

magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-001 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-002 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-003 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-004 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-005 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-006 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-007 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-008 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-009 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-010 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-011 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-012 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-013 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-014 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-015

Under the gazebo where they got engaged <3 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-016 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-017magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-019 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-020 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-021 magnolia-photography-washington-nc-engagement-photos-022

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