February 27th, 2016

Washington NC Wedding Photographer | Nancy + Justin Engaged


Nancy and Justin are getting married in Jamaica this spring! We’re so super excited for them, even though we can’t be there ūüôĀ

Justin and I used to work together and the entire office staff (all 8 of us) were¬†constantly¬†bugging him about when he was going to ask¬†Nancy to marry him. He did finally propose while they were at the beach on vacation, and of course as soon as we found out,¬†we decorated his desk in glitter, tissue paper, streamers and balloons as a surprise for when they got back. I doubt any of Nancy’s co-workers are quite as good at decorating (actually, anything would probably be better, so that may not be true) and I’m sure that Justin is still finding glitter over a year later.

Back in December, I snapped a few quick engagement photos for them in Washington. Look how cute their Boston Terrier, Holden, is!

Congratulations you guys – we wish you the best!

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