September 13th, 2015

Rose Hill Plantation NC Wedding Photographer | Krystal Bridals

Forrest and Krystal’s wedding yesterday was nothing short of pure perfection! From classic cars lined up at the ceremony  to a elegant reception hall. We can’t wait to share their wedding day with you! Until then, you MUST see Krystal’s bridal session at Rose Hill Plantation.  From the first time I saw Krystal in her wedding dress (via a text/ phone picture) I knew when the day came, this session was going to be amazing. Krystal couldn’t have picked a more classic backdrop to compliment her stunning beaded Lazaro gown. When Michele and I left Rose Hill after shooting these, we were both SO anxious to be able to share them. I mean I seriously have been counting down the days! We don’t normally have favorites, but these  images could be some of our most favorite bridal portraits yet! !

and now, the new Mrs. Kennedy. . . . magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-001 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-002 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-003 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-004 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-005 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-006 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-007 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-008 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-009 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-010 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-011 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-012 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-013 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-014 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-015 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-016 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-017 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-018 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-019 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-020 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-021 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-022 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-023 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-024 magnolia-photography-rose-hill-farm-bridal-photos-025


Venue: Rose Hill Plantation | Hair: Fharren Kivett | Makeup: Making Me Blush – Megan Elliott | Florals: Val Conger- Your Perfect Day

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