We’re two southern girls who love capturing weddings in North Carolina, South Carolina, and worldwide. For us, it’s all about the intimate moments, the tearful walks down the aisle and all the joy in between. Grab a glass of bubbly and take a look around!

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Our friendship began with a college trip gone awry, a shared love of photos, and some champagne. Because all great stories start with champagne, right?


Love wedding photography but not sure how to take the next step in your career? Or maybe make it a career? Our in-person workshop covers it all from marketing to booking to shooting the wedding and delivering the images. No questions are off-limits. We give it to you straight, with a whole lot of fun and prettiness along the way.

From the shores of Wilmington to the colorful houses and
palm trees of Charleston and beyond…



Maggie + Kevin

Charleston, SC



The Carolinas


Paige + Tyler

Myrtle Beach, SC



The Carolinas

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